B.CA: A blind date in Vancouver was more than just a fun day for two friends.

It was the start of a long-term relationship that has blossomed into a new family.

CBC’s The Blind Date invited guests to the city for a one-on-one date.

The date was supposed to be an easy evening at the bar but the two men had no idea what to expect.

“We were sitting in the bar, we were drinking, we got into a conversation about the city,” said Rob and Kelly Macdonald.

They were also friends with a group of other blind people.

“They were having a conversation, it’s just a normal conversation, about the day and about their families,” said Kelly MacDonald.

“It was a great conversation, I think we got the idea of just having a fun night, and it turned into a real relationship.”

“I just really love them, I really do,” Rob Macdonald said.

Rob Macdon was blind from birth and his vision has been deteriorating ever since.

“I’ve been blind for a long time, it was a really tough time,” he said.

He and Kelly have been blind dating for five years, but the experience has been one of the most rewarding.

“My life has always been full of challenges, but it’s really been a great experience,” said his wife, Kelly.

The Macdougas say they are thankful to their partner for allowing them to experience what it means to be blind.

“He’s given us the opportunity to get closer to our family, to have people with the same kind of problems we do, and to be able to see the same things, be able see the world through their eyes,” said the couple.

“The best part is it’s not about us, it really is about the other person.”

CBC Vancouver’s The First Contact series features interviews with people with disabilities.

To hear more about The First Click, click on the video below:The blind date happened to coincide with a national disability awareness week.

The couple said they were lucky to get to do it.

“One of the best parts was just being able to meet other blind folks and just have a laugh, just having good times,” Kelly Macdon said.

“To see people enjoying their blind date is a little bit special.”

Kelly MacDONAS is now looking forward to having a baby with her husband, Rob MacDONA.

She said they are hoping to have a child soon and they have started the process of raising their daughter together.

“Our daughter is getting the chance to see a lot of the things we can’t see, and see a world that is more accessible,” she said.

With files from CBC News’ The Blind Dates.

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