New Delhi (AP) Indian authorities say an 11-year-old girl who took part in a blind date with a man with a history of alcohol abuse has died.

The girl, who has not been named, was a student at a primary school in the city of New Delhi and was taking part in the event when she fell ill on Thursday night.

Her father is reportedly at the hospital.

The event was a charity event and the boy was accompanied by two other girls.

He and the girl, identified as a 10-year old girl, met the man at the venue and he took her home.

Indian authorities said the girl suffered from an acute alcohol-related illness but declined to give further details.

The cause of death was still not clear.

The boy’s father was not immediately available for comment.

A group of about 500 people gathered at the site of the event to mark the anniversary of a similar event in 2006.

The boy’s death has sparked a debate about alcohol and other drug use in India.

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