By Chris O’BrienSeptember 19, 2016 12:09:16A year ago today, Blind Date became the first dating app to allow people to upload their photos and videos to a private photo-sharing site for the blind.

The company has since raised $10 million to continue its growth.

Now the company is looking to capitalize on its popularity by launching a new bodybuilder dating app called Bodybuilder.

The app will allow people who have been diagnosed with ALS to upload videos and photos of themselves to help other blind and visually impaired people connect.

Blind Date founder Mike Withers told me he thinks the app will help “people that are out there, people that can’t do anything but just need someone to connect with.”

The company also announced plans to launch an online magazine, which is currently under development.

For blind dating apps to succeed, they must address an existing problem, which in this case is the scarcity of accessible dating sites, and create a platform that allows people with disabilities to connect online.

It’s an important point that’s been missing in the dating space.

The accessibility issue is an issue that affects the disabled and the non-disabled alike.

But it’s not a new one.

Blind dating has been around for decades, and in many cases, it has been an important part of dating apps.

For example, many dating apps allow people with limited vision to submit their photos, videos, and text messages.

And there are still plenty of dating sites for people with visual impairments that cater to blind and low vision users.

In addition to Blind Date, Wither’s company is also working on a bodybuilder app called The Body Builder.

Bodybuilder is currently in beta testing, and it’s slated to launch sometime in the fall.

The Bodybuilder app will be free, but will also have paid features, like the ability to view profiles and meet other people with similar needs.

The Body Builder app will use the app’s API to help blind people find partners, and to show people with disability how they can connect with people with the same needs.

It will also be able to provide a way for people to connect directly with other users with disabilities, and offer other services to make the process easier.

The main idea behind The BodyBuilder app is that people with vision disabilities should have the ability for other people to be a part of the dating experience.

Blind date apps don’t often cater to people with low vision, but Wither says they need to be in place for that reason.

“It’s not that people need a dating app for low vision,” Wither said.

“But a lot of people are very shy about dating.”

It’s clear that people who are visually impaired find it harder to date and have less success with dating apps than the rest of us.

Wither believes that by making the dating app accessible to people who can’t physically see someone with a disability, it will help more people get a chance to connect.

“For a lot, we think the people with a visual impairment are just not ready for that type of relationship,” Wethers said.

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