Michael Blind, an actor, comedian, and filmmaker, has released a dating app that tries to help you find the perfect boy.

Blind Date was announced on the website of the Hollywood Reporter and was released today.

Blind dates are one of the most common types of dating in the world, according to Blind Date’s website.

Blind Dates aims to help people find the right man, he said.

You can find the most suitable man online, and if you don’t know who he is, he can help you figure out what kind of man he is.

Blind date has been used by celebrities including Will Smith, Julia Roberts, and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as a handful of actors.

Blind dating has also been a part of the media since the 1950s, when the dating app was created by Michael G. Jordan, who later became known as The Jordan of Dating.

In 2015, Blind Date released the Dating Academy app, which has since been downloaded more than 3 million times.

The app is designed to help men and women find the ideal match, with profiles with photos of each other and a list of traits like height, weight, and eye color.

The profiles are updated on a daily basis, with each profile being updated with a new profile photo.

“This is not an advertising or marketing gimmick,” Blind Date wrote on its website.

“We want you to be happy and satisfied with the way your dating life is going.

We are dedicated to making dating great for everyone.”

Blind Date aims to be different from other dating apps because it doesn’t use real people to set the bar.

The company is hoping that people who have gone through a dating relationship will be impressed with the app, Blind Dates co-founder, Michael Blind told The Associated Press in an interview.

“It’s not about looking for someone that’s a match or not, but a match that you think is a good match for you, and it’s based on your needs,” Blind said.

“You don’t need to be perfect.

If you’re happy and you’re looking for a partner who can help with your career, you can find that in Blind Date.”

Blind dating is a niche dating app because it is based on real people, but the app is open to everyone.

It’s also not just for singles, blind dates can also be used by people in a long-term relationship.

The feature is designed so that people in committed relationships can find someone they want to date, as long as they’re not dating someone who is just looking for attention.

The site also features an extensive list of other features including a “match history” section, dating tips, a “list of people who know you” section and a “friend list” section.

The new app is also compatible with Android phones, but Apple users can opt out of the feature if they choose.

Blind Dating is available for $3.99 on the iOS app store.

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