The 2017 blind date market was up by about a third on last year’s, but it has been overshadowed by the arrival of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8.

The first blind date app for the S8 came to market in early January, but the app has since become a massive hit with users sharing photos of their dates and videos of their parties.

We recently spoke to Ben Baucom, the founder of BlindDate, about what makes his app so popular and why he believes the Samsung Galaxy phone will bring it even more popularity.

Read moreRead the full article on BlindDate’s website:The app has received more than 1.8 million blind date votes so far, making it the most popular blind date dating app on the web.

Ben said that the popularity of the app was largely driven by a number of factors.

Firstly, the app’s user base is largely male, with many of the blind dating profiles appearing to have more than one date.

Second, the vast majority of the apps on the market for blind dating have only been available to male users for a short time.

Third, blind date apps are relatively new and the number of blind people has been increasing rapidly over the past few years.

Ben said the popularity is largely driven not just by the new features, but also by the fact that people are using the app as a means of sharing their experiences.

“We’ve seen that blind date sites can be a great platform for people who are struggling to meet other people, or have no friends, or aren’t looking for friends at all,” he said.

If you’re in the market to find a date, you can use the app to ask your friends for their feedback, get their advice on what to wear, and see if they would like to see you. 

You can also make reservations for a date or make a video call. 

If you need to ask someone to go with you, you’re able to ask them to use the blind date feature, where you can get their phone number and see what they say on the date. 

“With this feature, if you’re not sure how you feel, you get a personalised response, whether it’s positive or negative,” he added. 

The app also has a number more dating features, including an app-wide blind date filter that lets you search for the perfect date.

This feature lets you filter out people you don’t know and you can also filter out dates that you don

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