Blind date tips: Which places are best?

article New York City’s Times Square, the city’s iconic square, is the place to go for a date night out.

But when it comes to nightlife, a trip to New York’s Greenwich Village or Times Square can be the ideal date night destination.

Here are our top tips for a night out in the city.


Times Square Times Square is known for its iconic architecture and famous New York Times, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to see and do there.

We recommend exploring the city as you would a tourist destination, especially if you’re planning to attend an event in Times Square.

But if you can’t make it to Times Square for a special event, you can still get a good night out on the town.

For a date or two, head to the nearby East Village to catch a concert or a movie.


West Village If you’re not a fan of the iconic architecture of Times Square but you love the sights, you’ll love the West Village.

Whether you’re looking for a quick date night or a romantic date, this is a great place to take in the sights of Times Island and the surrounding area.

You can get a little out of the city and head to West Village to explore some of the surrounding neighborhoods and museums.

If you can find a good date night, be sure to try to avoid going to bars during this time.

You may find it hard to find a date on the evening of a big event.


Chinatown Chinatown is known as New York “soul,” and it’s a popular night out spot in the borough.

You’ll find tons of restaurants and bars in Chinatown that are open during the week and during the day.

We suggest getting there early in the evening so you don’t miss out on some of New Yorks best nightlife.


Times Union Square You can’t go wrong with a date in Times Union, which is home to a lot of famous landmarks.

There are a ton of bars, restaurants and art galleries in the area, so you’ll want to head there in the early evening so that you can catch a good show and get some sleep before you head out for the night.

You should definitely try to attend a concert in Times United Square, which has a lot more bars than you’ll find in Times New York or Times Union.


Central Park In Times Square or Times New Yorker, there are a lot options to go about your date night.

From shopping and eating in Central Park, to hanging out at a museum or a bar, there’s plenty to do in the neighborhood.

If your date wants to go somewhere different, head over to the Central Park Zoo or some other park near the river or waterfront.


Union Square There’s a great chance you won’t find any of the traditional date night spots in Times Squares and New York, but you can get some dates in Times City or Times United.

The Union Square area has tons of bars and restaurants that are popular with couples looking for date night opportunities.


Chelsea If you want to go with the flow, you might want to get in touch with a nightspot in Chelsea.

If it’s not your favorite city, you may want to find something different for your date in the surrounding neighborhood.


Greenwich Village If the romantic nightlife isn’t your thing, then you can also explore Greenwich Village in the form of a date.

The Greenwich Village area is known to have great nightlife spots in the night clubs, and you’ll definitely find some bars and eateries that cater to couples looking to have a date date night with some friends.


Downtown Manhattan There are tons of options in Downtown Manhattan to explore.

From coffee shops to bars to restaurants, you should definitely get in contact with a great date night spot.

You might find some great dates in the areas around Midtown, Lower Manhattan, or West Village, but the best places to go out in Manhattan are in the Upper West Side or Upper East Side neighborhoods.


Central Harlem If you like to go on a date, you’ve come to the right place!

The Upper East side of Manhattan is known mostly for bars and nightlife hotspots.

You won’t have much trouble finding dates there.


Williamsburg Brooklyn is known in New York as “the heart of Brooklyn,” but it’s also home to some of Manhattan’s best night clubs and bars.

You could find a great night out at the iconic club in the Lower East Side or Manhattan’s Upper West side, or you can go to a night at the Brooklyn Museum or Brooklyn Bridge, the two main attractions in Manhattan’s Lower East side.


The Bronx This is where the real action is, with clubs and the citys finest art galleries.

You will not find any date night anywhere in the Bronx.

If a date is your thing in the City of Brotherly Love, then check out The Bronx Art Gallery or The Bronx Museum, both of which are located in

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