The 10 worst NFL QB of all-time.

I have been an NFL fan since the 1980s.

I am a former NFL draft pick.

I’ve been to three Super Bowls.

My life was never really all that different than most of the other fans out there.

I have always been a guy who was looking for the best player in the NFL.

I always knew what it took to win.

So when the 49ers took a chance on Jim Plunkett, who had won 11 Super Bowl titles, I was really impressed.

I thought Plunketts football acumen was off the charts.

I thought he was going to be a great player, but his play wasn’t quite there.

He was just not the player I was looking to see in the draft.

The 49ers had a lot of needs and Plunkets inability to perform at the level they needed him to was the reason why.

I was a fan of Jim Plankett when I was growing up.

The kid was so talented and I just thought, ‘I’ll take him.’

The 49er was a team I respected from the beginning and the reason I was a big fan of them was because they were one of the best teams in the league.

Plunketetts ability to be on the field and not be able to perform was something I saw in the future of this franchise.

I watched Plunkitts first two seasons as a rookie and his play in the following seasons was outstanding.

Planketts ability at the quarterback position was something that made me a believer in this young man’s ability.

I loved the fact that he had a great arm and could make plays.

I loved watching Plunkits first two years as a Rookie and his ability at QB.

I was impressed with Plunkitetts ability.

He did a good job with the offense, and I thought he had the arm to be able do that.

He had good accuracy.

I liked his ability to run.

I felt like he was a good fit for this offense.

Plunkett had an ability to do everything in his first two season.

He threw for over 4,500 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

I’m a big believer in the offensive line, and Plankitts ability to play center would have been a huge help for this team.

He played in the National Football League from 1980 to 1985, starting every game from 1981 to 1984 and was selected to three Pro Bowls (1978, 1980, 1984).

He won two Super Bowl rings with the 49er team that drafted him.

Plinkett was a franchise player, and the 49s would have missed out on the Super Bowl if he hadn’t played in it.

Jim Plunkitte was a player that I knew I was going see again in the Hall of Fame, and when the time came to draft Plunkie he was an easy pick.

It was the perfect fit for the 49.

I think Jim Plunks play was really, really good and I love him for that.

The fact that Plunk is a great athlete is something that you never really see with any quarterback.

He can run the ball well and make plays, and he’s a great competitor.

I remember seeing Jim Plunker in my freshman year of high school.

I remember watching him on the football field and I was amazed that he could throw for over 2,000 yards and 17 touchdowns and 12 picks.

I think it was the most productive year of his life, but I just remember that I really wanted to be like him and play the game the right way.

I know Plunk was a great football player.

I know he played in one of my favorite college games of alltime, when the Washington Huskies beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl.

I watched that game and it was one of those plays that you just have to appreciate.

I really thought that Plankitte was going for 1,000, 2,001 yards and 16 touchdowns and 13 picks.

I really enjoyed seeing Jim in the Pro Bowl and his amazing ability to throw for the most yards in any game was just something I was excited about.

I saw Plunk in a lot more Pro Bowl games than I did in my first year.

I had a ton of respect for Jim Planks game.

I knew what he was capable of doing and I had seen it time and time again.

I would love to see him play again, and if he can be that kind of player again I think that Plunker would be a Hall of Famer.

Jim and I have had many conversations over the years.

We have talked about all of the great players in the game and I always look forward to seeing Jim back in Canton.

I love seeing him play.

I will definitely watch his career.

Plunker’s career ended prematurely because of a heart attack while on the road to San Diego in December of 1983.

His career was ended prematurely due to a heart arrhythmia and a severe heart attack on his way to

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