Blind pupils at some of the country’s best schools are enjoying the benefits of a new policy that gives them more access to books in an attempt to improve their literacy skills.

Read more:A new policy has seen schools across the country offer pupils access to an online library of books that they can use at home or on the go.

The policy was announced by the Government earlier this month and is designed to “help ensure that the majority of pupils have access to quality books and materials that enable them to learn”.

The move has seen the UK’s top universities, including Oxford, Imperial and Cambridge, all offering free access to ebooks on their websites.

Oxford and Cambridge both said they were working to improve access to their libraries and other resources for their pupils.

They said they had already started working with teachers, parents and other staff to ensure pupils had access to relevant resources.

Oxbridge said: “Oxford has invested significantly in our libraries, with the intention of increasing access to accessible materials for all our pupils.

We have already increased access to electronic books and digital learning materials, such as iPads and digital audio, to all our staff and students, and are working to extend access to other materials as well.”

Imperial said: “We are continuing to work with our teachers, principals and staff to support pupils’ access to our libraries and digital materials.

We have also increased our accessibility for those who are blind or visually impaired.”

Cambridge said it had “extensive” resources for blind pupils, including online courses.

It said it would “continue to invest heavily in our library and digital content to enable pupils with visual and hearing impairment to have access and benefit from the books and resources they need to learn.”

Read moreThe Government said it wanted to “provide pupils with the same access to all the material they need”.

The policy also aims to “ensure that a high proportion of pupils are able to access information on their own time and to do so using the tools and devices available to them”.

In a statement, the Department for Education said: “The digital literacy programme aims to make it easier for all pupils to learn and it provides pupils with a wide range of materials to help them do so.”

It said the Government “will be announcing a full rollout of the digital literacy scheme by the end of the year”.

“The Digital Literacy Programme is a key component of the Government’s strategy to create a more inclusive learning environment, which will see the UK become a global leader in digital learning and enable more students to learn with technology,” it added.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said the scheme would help pupils “build skills for success in the workforce”. 

“Access to digital materials can help pupils develop their skills and knowledge and help them achieve their ambitions, as well as help them get better at their work and get out of trouble,” it said.

“The scheme is also designed to support teachers and pupils who are learning online in an innovative way and is being trialled in schools across England.”More:More:

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