It was the second night of Xena’s “X-Men” reboot in 2018, and while some fans are still upset with the film’s cancellation, the XBMC community was quick to praise the show for its new reboot.

In fact, the new season has been the top-grossing XBML streaming video in the U.S. since its premiere in February.

The show has also had an incredible resurgence since its initial cancellation.

In 2018, the series had a season-to-year increase of 9.7 million subscribers and a total of 4.8 million viewers.

According to a report from Media Metrix, this year’s viewership has been up by 12.5 million subscribers since Xena: X-Force premiered in April 2018.

“The first episode of X- Force has been a huge success and X-BMC has been phenomenal.

I’m so happy to be a part of the XMen franchise,” Xena star Hugh Jackman said in a statement.

Xena season 3 has also seen the biggest increase in viewership in years, with the show now averaging 4.1 million viewers per episode.

X-Factor, meanwhile, has been on a steady rise with season 2 averaging 4 million viewers and season 3 averaging 4 percent.

The reboot has also continued to receive high praise from critics and audiences.

In February 2018, IGN called Xena the best X-series reboot since Lost and it was cited by Variety as “a huge hit.”

And in April, Time Out New York praised the reboot, saying that it was “a bold new direction” that “has fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of the series.”

“Xena: The Last Battle” is now available on XBM on both the streaming and on XBAY.

XENA has also recently seen a resurgence in popularity in China with the latest season of the show reaching nearly 10 million views in the country alone.

As of September 10, the show had been watched more than 70 million times.

XBMs most recent episode of “X: The X-Files” was released on Sept. 10.

The original series is scheduled to premiere on Xena in 2019, but the reboot has already been renewed for another season.

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