Posted August 25, 2018 07:37:10A recent blind date between two Australian men in Brisbane sparked an outpouring of anger online and an apology from the date.

The men had dated for more than a year but only got together after their friend posted a photo of them together online, the Courier Mail reported.

The photo shows them walking through the city with the caption, “Hey, guys.

We are going to have a blind date tonight.”

The date went ahead and went on for about two hours.

But after a few minutes the pair stopped and started talking, the newspaper reported.

It started when the man told the date he was getting married.

The date started off good, with the two friends talking and exchanging pleasantries.

But as the date went on, the two started getting into arguments and eventually the date ended.

The pair said they both felt embarrassed and embarrassed about their relationship.

“The date ended because it felt like an attempt to make a big show of it,” Mr Lee said.

“I was embarrassed.

I felt embarrassed that I was being honest about my sexuality and my identity.

I just wanted to talk to them and to see them as human beings.”

The men decided to cancel the date after a day.

But Mr Lee and Mr Darragh say the men did not go to the police and have been getting angry online.

“It feels like an abuse of power,” Mr Darryn said.

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