Here are a few things to know about the gang rape and rape case in Delhi, India.


A girl in Delhi has accused her rapist, Rohit Sharma, of raping her on March 1, 2017.

She said he beat her up for six hours.


Sharma is a Hindu nationalist who was expelled from his job in a Delhi newspaper in 2017 after he published a controversial article about Hinduism.

His book, “The Hindutva Doctrine: A Guide to Indo-Islamic Conflict” was also banned in India.


The woman in Delhi claims that she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on a bus on March 5, 2017, near a bus station.

Sharma’s defense lawyer has said the victim did not remember.


Sharma has been in jail since the incident and his case has been pending since February, 2018.

The Delhi Police has said they are investigating whether the accused has a lawyer.


India’s Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case on March 28.


Sharma faces a death sentence if convicted.

A woman who was raped by a Hindu man, Rohith Vemula, in Delhi in August last year has said she hopes the case will be solved.

The victim was attacked by Sharma at the behest of his family, who accused her of adultery.

She later filed a rape complaint against him and said she felt “horrible pain” and felt “violated” by him.

Rohith, the son of a businessman, was convicted of rape and sentenced to death.

He is currently serving his sentence in a special prison in New Delhi.


There have been reports of police harassment against activists who speak out against the gang-rape.

In March, activists who took part in a protest against the Delhi rape case were attacked by police, according to a report in The Indian Express.


India is the only country where rape is considered a criminal offence and rape survivors are routinely ostracized.

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