If you’re going to go out with a blind date, don’t think you can get away with it if they’re a complete douchebag.

According to one blind date who posted a video to YouTube, if you go with a man who has a history of being a jerk and then go out on a date with a woman who has no idea what a “blind date” is, you’re probably just going to fuck her up.

“If you go out and meet a guy who has never met a blind person, I guarantee you will have a complete asshole date,” she says in the video, which has racked up nearly 2.5 million views in less than two months.

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 billion times.

If you can’t find a date who can see your “blindness” and not be a complete dick, you can just take advantage of the fact that you’re a “real” blind person.

You’ll never see the other person again, and you won’t feel like you’ve been rejected by anyone.

It’s a strategy that some blind dates use to lure unsuspecting women, but it can also backfire.

If it’s your first date, be careful what you ask for.

If she’s not looking for anything specific, she’ll probably say something like “You look really pretty and are wearing a nice dress,” or “I want you to do this.”

This kind of approach may also lead to rejection, but don’t be so quick to give up, says Amanda Smith, a blind dating expert at The New York Times.

“I do think there are some great blind dating strategies that are more appropriate for dating than some blind dating techniques,” she told HuffPost in a statement.

“Sometimes they can be really effective and fun, but sometimes they can backfire, too.”

Be sure to use common sense.

“Don’t say ‘I’m looking for someone who’s blind’ or ‘I just want to go see if you’re blind,'” Smith said.

She suggests you be realistic with what you want, but also try to keep things light and playful.

“You can never be perfect and never be 100 percent sure,” she said.

Don’t overdo it.

It might seem like it’s easy to go all-in and get a date, but that can backfires.

“A blind date’s first goal is to meet someone who can understand them,” Smith said, so they can have fun and build their bond.

“They’re also trying to learn a bit about them, and they want to get to know them a little bit more,” she continued.

“But that’s a lot of work, and if they don’t get to see each other at the beginning, it can be quite intimidating.

So I wouldn’t do it unless you’re really confident in your skills.”

If you have questions about blind dating or if you want more advice on dating a blind individual, read our guide to dating a woman with a disability.

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