Naked dates can be a tricky subject, and this is why we have put together this guide to the best nude dates in Europe.

To start, you should know the difference between a blind date and a blind drink date.

The rules: Date: Date is blind date for both parties.

Date will be in the presence of a bar, a bar host, a manager or a friend of the other person.

Blind drinks are the opposite.

They are only for one person, and they can be shared or enjoyed alone.

Date: Blind date is not for one night.

Date may be for up to 24 hours.

Date is not meant to be taken for a short time.

If you plan to go out on a date, please note that some dates can go on for up a week.

Date starts: Date starts at 10pm on the evening of the first date.

Blind date starts at 8pm on a Saturday night.

Blind drink date starts on a Sunday night.

Dates start at 10:30pm on each night, but may go on until the following morning.

Dates are only shared once a day.

If the date is cancelled, you must return to the bar.

Date ends: Date ends at the end of the night, or in the morning.

Date cannot be shared.

The bar is responsible for the food and drinks.

Bar hosts are responsible for everything else.

If your date doesn’t go as planned, contact the bar to make arrangements for your next date.

What is a blind dates date?

A blind date is when the parties are completely naked.

There are no clothes, shoes or any other personal items on the date.

Parties are not allowed to bring their own drinks or food.

A blind drink is for one party only.

Parties may share one bottle of wine or beer for their drinks.

A date can last up to two hours.

The party will be served alcohol from one of the bars.

They will be allowed to eat and drink from the bar, but not to go outside, drink from a bottle or drink.

It is not allowed for the other party to touch any part of the person.

If there are any guests who are drunk, they must leave the date or stay away from the party.

The drinks and food will be provided by the bar hosts.

The blind date will be at the host’s own place.

When can a blind dating event take place?

The date cannot take place during the week.

It can only be taken during the weekends.

Blind dates can also be scheduled during a festival, a wedding, or a public celebration.

If both parties have agreed to go, a date can be scheduled on the day of the festival or celebration.

The dates can take place from Saturday until Monday.

Blind Date Dates in Germany There are two types of blind dates: a blind drinking date and the blind date where both parties drink from each other.

You can find information about blind dates and blind drinking dates in Germany on this page.

Blind drinking date: The blind drinking event takes place in the same hotel.

It will be shared with the party who has gone to a blind drinks date.

A drink is served from the bottle.

A party is not responsible for food and drink.

Parties must take part in a blinds drink date and are responsible only for the alcohol they receive.

A day of celebration, such as a wedding or a music festival, can also take place at a blind alcohol date.

You may be allowed up to four hours to enjoy the drinks.

The drink can be enjoyed alone or with a friend.

Blind drinkers can drink from any bottle of beer, wine, or liquor that is on offer.

Blind Dates in Austria Blind dates in Austria are the first event in Austria to take place in a bar.

You must have been invited to the party and there is no limit on the number of people who can attend.

There is no alcohol restriction at blind drinking events.

Blind Drinking Date: The party is blind for one day only.

A drinking date will start at 9pm.

Blind party begins at 9:30 pm.

There can be up to three parties.

If a blind party is cancelled or not taken, you will have to go to the host to make up the missing time.

Blind alcohol date: A drinking event will take place on the same night as the blind drinking.

You are not responsible, but guests will have their own place to enjoy a drink.

There will be no alcohol restrictions and you may share a bottle with a party.

You cannot have a drink if the date takes place during a holiday, but there are no restrictions on alcohol consumption.

Blind parties can also go on the weekend if both parties agree to it.

A Blind Date in Germany A blind drinking or blind date can only take place between the parties who have gone to them.

It cannot take the place of a blind parties event.

You will have the same time restrictions and can only share one drink.

You do not have to bring

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