Giantess blind dates Giantess on Friday, July 18, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

She is the star of the upcoming HBO series Blind Date.

This image provided by the Hollywood Reporter shows the cast and crew of Blind Date filming in Los Angeles.

The series follows the adventures of the blind dating industry in the 1970s and 1980s.

Blind Date stars Lizzie Ziegler, Olivia Munn, Margo Martindale, Lacey Tisdale, and Ben Feldman.

Hide Caption 1 of 6 Photos: Giantess and her dogs blind date Giantess has a dog named Max.

Hide caption Giantess, a blind date on a giant puppy, poses for a picture with her dog, Max.

Max was her first dog when she was born.

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Hide captions caption GIGANTESS: What do you love most about being a blind woman?

Blind date: I love my dogs.

GIGENTESS: I want to be in a relationship with a dog.

Blind date in L.A.: A dog?

Blind Date: A couple of dogs.

This is why I have a dog: It’s a companion.

I can help them, it’s a good friend, a good dog.

Hide gallery GIGIENTESS: How does it feel to have two dogs?

Blind dates: I feel so much love.

Blind dates on TV: No, but it’s cool.

GINGERESS: Blind date is a lot of fun.

It’s so exciting to see people so happy and they are looking at each other.

Blind day: I can’t believe people are looking.

Blind Day: Wow.

I’m so glad they are all happy.

Blind Days: And they are having fun.

Blinds Date: They’re having fun?

Blinds Day: Oh wow, I feel like I’m having fun too.

GINNY: Are you a blind dating expert?

Blind Dates: No.

I’ve never done one.

Blind Dating: No blind dating.

I like to have fun.

GINO: Blind dates have always been fun.

They are great.

Blind Dates for Gini: Gini’s favorite blind date was the blind date at the Golden Globes.

She was looking forward to that.

Gino: So you are not a blind person?

Blind Dating for Ginis: I am a big fan of blind dating and I love blind dating, but I’ve always thought that blind dating is a little more complicated than that.

I would say it’s more like dating with your wife or your dog, or maybe even with a little bit of a pet.

Gini was hoping to meet someone blind in the future, but didn’t get that chance.

Hide full image of Gini on Instagram GINO’S SON: Blind dating can be really hard for people to understand.

When you are dating, you want to find someone that is not looking.

When it’s blind dating you are going to go in blind with your eyes, your ears, and your nose, and you are looking for someone that you can trust.

You know what I mean?

Blind dating is not about trust, it is about looking.

GINA: The first blind date I ever went on was a blind one.

Gina’s son, Michael, was a big star at the time.

GINEBRA: It was just me and Michael, and it was like a big family, and we were just trying to be like a family, we were like a team.

Michael would be there when we needed him, and he would be like, “I don’t need any help.”

He would be all over us, he would love us.

GIRL: The thing about blind dating in general is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a date that you’re going to be together.

There are so many variables.

GRILLI: There’s no one out there that is perfect, but what you do know is that it’s going to take a lot for a relationship to start to work.

Blind dating has always been a part of my life.

Blindness has always given me a little piece of happiness, so I just love it.

GRAVES: The people that I love the most are blind people, so that makes me happy.

Ginnie and Gino are both huge fans of blind dates, and they’re both looking forward for more of them.

Hide Full Image of GIGIANESS on Instagram LIZA MUNN: Blinds are my favorite, but blind dating was always the best for me.

Gilda Radner was a really good friend of mine when I was dating and we always talked about blind dates.

We would sit down and watch a movie together and it’s such a fun experience to

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