Blind date is the latest social media trend in South African cities and towns, with many people using the social media to connect with each other.

But how does one find someone who can blind date you?

RTE’s The Blind Date series looks at the challenges of finding a blind person who can’t read your face.

The show begins with a man who can only read your name.

It shows him as the person to meet and the woman who will guide him through the process.

We’ve previously looked at how the internet helps blind people navigate social media, and how people use their phones to find a blind friend.

And now, the blind date will be different, this time for the blind.

This man cannot read the name of this woman.

A man and a woman who can read each other’s names have gone out to a bar in Pretoria to drink and get their minds off the weather.

What do they say to each other when they meet?

“You’re the first blind person I’ve ever met.”

The man, a business manager, can read his name and the lady, a housewife, can only see his face.

It’s the latest twist on the blind dating craze, which has seen people using social media and the internet to find their blind dating match.

When a blind man in South East Asia started dating a woman, he told her he would go to the same bar in the same city.

He met a woman from the same province, who, the man said, was “not just a beautiful woman, but she was blind too.”

The two went out to the bar together and, after two drinks, the woman started talking to him.

They were engaged.

He said she was “very shy” but he was excited about their future together.

“I think you’ll see a lot more of blind dating on social media,” he told his woman.

He added that if he ever did meet a blind woman, “I would tell her I love her”.

The man said he could not read his wife’s name, and the two have not met since.

But he is a bit more confident now.

“I’m very confident,” he said.

“And I can read the woman’s name.”

So does he think the woman could be his blind date?

“I think she could be my blind date.

I don’t know.”

A woman with a “blind date” on Instagram.

Source: Instagram/ @mattmiller

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