By now, the dance floors have been lit up with the music of J. Cole, Beyoncé, and J. Lo, and it’s time to hear some of the highlights of 2016.


Cole’s “Run The World” (featuring J.L.C. and the crew) has been a staple in the EDM community since it dropped in 2015.

Jay-Sue’s “Lemonade” was the first track to be officially released as a joint effort between Jay- and J-Lo.

And, the likes of J-Sleazy and Sway are back in a big way with their second album, and they’ve been playing to sold-out crowds since its release.

While many of the biggest EDM stars and producers have been working on a new project, there are plenty of newcomers who have already dropped a few tracks.

Among them, we have a slew of new artists making their way into the dance world, but there are a few that are going to be hard to ignore, and that means we’ll have to make a list of the best.

If you’re in the mood for a dance party, check out our countdown to the biggest DJ’s of the year.

We’ll also be releasing a countdown of the 10 best EDM parties of the month.

And we’ll be covering the best dance events of 2016!

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C to the dancefloor at Coaches Ball2017Coaches Ball is the biggest dance party in the United States, and the annual Coaches ball takes place on April 7 at the Staples Center.

It’s also the biggest music festival in the world, and you’ll want to head to Coaches on April 9 to check out the most jam-packed EDM and hip-hop shows of the season.

The lineup for Coaches’ 2017 has been announced, with the likes for J.lo, Jay-sue, Lil Yachty, The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, and many more coming to the stage on the second day of the event.

But before you go, check the countdown below to see the top 10 EDM artists and DJs who are making their Coaches debut.

The countdown:The Weeknd is the only artist who has appeared on every single Coaches concert.

In 2016, he released his fifth studio album, The Heist, and he’ll be playing the festival again this year.


Cole, meanwhile, has been playing Coaches in 2017 with an updated version of his “Run the World.”

It’s a track that featured Lil Yache, as well as a number of other artists.

The new song is currently on his latest album, Random Access Memories, and was recently released on Jay-z’s SoundCloud.

It features a guest appearance by Lil Yacob, who dropped his verse on “Run” as well.

The Weekne is another rising talent to have played Coaches, and is the first DJ to play the festival this year, joining the likes a J-L.

C and JL.

The Weekne has also been featured on Lil Yacs “Take Care” on his newest album, L.A. Love.

He’s also been a regular on Lil Wayne’s “Gangsta,” as well the first collaboration with Rihanna.JLC is back with another new collaboration on the Coaches stage, as he’s joined by Jay-J, Lil Wayne, and more.

The duo are all performing on a special set that features appearances by Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne.

The tracklist is below.JLC “RunTheWorld” (via Instagram)Alicia Keys “My Way” (The Weekend Update)Lil Yachties “Take care” (J-Lo)The Weekends “Take the Money” (Sway)LIL YACHTY “Run This Way”(Lil Wayne)LAYTON “All of the Lights” (Lil K)The Chainsmokers “Lights” (HBO)Bassnectar “Run this Way” (“Bass”)The Chainsmarks “Runaway” (DJ Khaled)JLC “RuntheWorld” and Lil YACHty “Take that Care” (Calvin Harris)Liam Payne “WTF” (Future)The Disco Biscuits “I Want to be Like” (Young Thug)Liz Phair “Take It to the Limit” (Kendrick Lamar)LIM “Lion King” (Bass)Daft Punk “Paradise” (Daft)The Kinks “We Can’t Stop” (Cecil)J.

Lo “Runnin’ with the Lights Up” (Nas)The Beach Boys “Love Me Do” (Aerosmith)The Verve “The World Is Yours” (Mariah Carey

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