I was just blind in my left eye, so it was pretty hard to tell if it was a joke and a real date.

But it’s definitely the kind of date that gets you a laugh and a smile.

So I had this idea of blind dating for a while.

So I’d be like, “How can I find a blind date?”

And I’d go to places like Airbnb or meet people blind in the streets.

I’d get a bunch of people, I’d have like six people.

And they’d all be like “Well, we’re all blind,” and I’d think, “Wow, so I’m not going to go blind.”

I’d get like, I think, three or four, and I would think, I’m so lucky.

And then I’d start talking to other blind people.

I would just go into these other blind dating sites, and people would be like wow, I don’t know.

I didn’t know if I wanted to do it.

And I would meet so many blind people, and they were just so nice.

And then one day I was like, well, I need to get a date.

I don, I know I’m blind.

But I need a date right now.

I just can’t wait to meet somebody.

And I just started getting blind dates.

So one night I was on a date with someone.

And it was just me and him, and it was like a blind dates type thing.

And he just said, “Oh, my god, it’s so hot.

We’re blind, and we have to meet at 7:30.”

And he’d be on the couch with me, and he was like “Do you wanna come?”

And so I said, and then he said, okay, and so I went over and we went, and, and.

And there was a group of like five people there.

And we were all just like, wow, that was a really hot date.

And so we were blind, just blind.

I was so excited.

It was weird, because I didn, like, have any preconceived notions of blind dates, and just because I was blind, I had no idea what it would feel like to meet someone blind.

And for me, it was, “I just need a blind person to go with me.”

And then I realized, “Well I’m going to blind date this guy, and my date is going to be blind.”

And I’m like, oh my god.

So that was like my goal, really.

I’m really happy.

I mean, it feels really good.

And my goal with the date was to find someone who had no problem getting to know me.

So, I mean we’re blind.

So there’s no one in the world who I can say is going, “You know, I really like you.

You’re really good looking.

You have great hair.

You’ve got a really good sense of humor.

And you’re very friendly.”

And there’s a lot of things in life that I can just kind of just say, like that’s how I meet people.

And there’s just, I just thought, “Hey, I want to find a person who is kind of different.”

And that was pretty fun.

And like, there were some pretty awkward moments.

And it was great because there was just, you know, it took a lot to just figure out how to meet people who were blind.

Because it’s hard to meet blind people when you’re blind and you don’t have any friends.

And the only thing you know about them is that they’re blind or blind, so you know that you don, you’re in a really, really tight spot.

And so, it made me really happy to meet a blind guy and meet somebody who, like I said in the title, I didn.

But he was so friendly, and kind of open and really nice, and super smart.

And we kind of started doing dates, you knew?

And then it kind of snowballed into blind dates because I had so many dates, so that was awesome.

And, you just go, “Ahh, this is cool.”

And then there was, like there were a lot more blind dates than I expected.

And, like the dates I expected to go, I ended up going with like two blind people instead of three.

So, I was kind of happy that I was able to meet more blind people that I thought were nice.

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