The next time you’re flying on a crowded plane, you might want to put on some clothes first.

According to an aviation safety study, people who put on clothes are less likely to suffer from dizziness, dizziness-related injuries and heart attacks.

But not everyone agrees that the same rules apply when you’re out and about.

The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) has conducted a survey of pilots, passengers and cabin crew to investigate what exactly they’re wearing when they’re flying.

As of this week, the organization has compiled the results of the survey into this interactive graphic.

The ASN researchers found that wearing clothing is associated with a lower risk of injury and illness in terms of illness, as well as having a lower chance of death.

The data showed that a man who put up his underwear in a seat next to another man’s would have a 40 percent lower chance for a fatal heart attack.

“I would suggest that if you have a good reason to put clothes on, do so.

But if you are in a cabin, don’t put clothes in,” said John Waggoner, an aviation health and safety researcher at the University of Southern California.

“If you’re on an aircraft with a very small cabin and you don’t have good reasons to wear clothing, do not do it,” he added.

Waggon said wearing clothes might also have a positive effect on safety because the presence of other people can make it harder for a passenger to see a person in distress.

“It’s really difficult to see if someone is unconscious or not,” he said.

The researchers also found that people who wore their underwear over their underwear were more likely to be in good health.

Waddington, a professor at the School of Public Health at University of Pennsylvania, said that when it comes to the safety of flying, the safety gear of everyday life isn’t the only factor.

“There’s always a possibility that someone could be wearing an unnecessary protective garment or that there’s a problem with that protective garment,” he explained.

Waddington added that people might think that wearing underwear is “appropriate” when the fact is that they can’t see you.

“We know that underwear is not the most effective way to protect yourself from potential injuries.

We know that if we’re not looking, we’re more likely not to see,” he stated.

He said that the research findings are important to understand because “the general public is going to see this data and say ‘well, well, I’m not going to wear underwear,'” and he said that “there are plenty of people who don’t wear underwear.”

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