A blind date has just been added to a list of “people who deserve to be on a blind date,” according to the National Federation of Blind People.

“I have been waiting to hear a blind person say ‘yes,'” said Jennifer Molloy, who is a blind woman.

“We’re not a minority.

I was excited to have a blind girl in my life.”

Molloya is from the United Kingdom.

“He said ‘yes,’ and that’s it.

He said ‘no,'” Molloway said.

Mollow has a number of friends who are blind, but Molloys parents told her that the event would be held in the United States.

“It’s so exciting to see my blind friends have their own blind date.

I hope the people at the event will see that and think of their friends too,” Mollot told CNN.

Molls friends are currently in a group that goes on blind dates in France, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

Molly’s friends have told CNN that they have no problem with blind dates, but some believe that Mollolls appearance would put them at a disadvantage.

“She’s not the type to be shy, so it’s going to be awkward,” said one of Mollowe’s friends.

“There’s a big stigma surrounding blind dates,” said another.

“You just don’t want people to think you’re just an exhibitionist or a slut.

People are going to assume you’re trying to impress someone and that you’re a slut.”

In an interview with CNN, Mollory explained that she is just a little bit shy and doesn’t know what she wants.

“My friends don’t think it’s too weird.

I don’t mind being on a date.

But I’m a bit shy about it,” Molls said.

“This is just my birthday.

It’s not like I’m going to get to meet everyone else on the date.

It just seems like a good time.”

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