Blind date memes have become something of a viral phenomenon, with memes popping up everywhere from the pages of Vogue to Twitter.

This week, we look back at 10 of the best, from the earliest days of the concept to the current state of the dating app.


A Blind Date with a Blind Date is Not a Blind Dating Experience, Unless You’re Being Hosted by The Man Behind the Blind Date: In an interview with Business Insider, blind date pioneer and comedian Matt Stone told the interviewer that if you’re hosting a blind date, you should have a blind person accompany you on the date.

Stone said, “The most important thing is to have someone who can help you see through your blinds.”


The Dating Game: A Blind Dating Story is All About You: The story of a blind dating game is one that is often shared in the form of a gif, or even a short clip.

In an article in The Atlantic, Matthew Strawn, a comedian who has hosted blind dates, shared his story of hosting a group of blind people in a hotel room.


The Blind Date Story: A New Face of Blind Dating: When a blind woman hosts a blind party, the video below goes viral.


Blind Dating 101: How to Make an Awesome Blind Date, with A Blind Voice: While the blind date scene is an interesting one, there’s no denying that it’s a relatively new phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why.

The most notable person in the video above, comedian Dave Matthews, has hosted a number of blind dating videos over the years.


The Art of Blind Dates: The Story Behind the Best Blind Dating Moment: The video below shows the origin of the blind dating scene.


The Best Blind Dates of All Time: The Blind Dating Meme: The best blind dating moments can be found in the clip below.


A Man’s Blind Date With A Blind Man: A man named James “Jim” Clements has been hosting blind dates for more than 10 years.

He said he started hosting blind parties after he was offered the opportunity by a blind man who had a hard time with other men.


The Last Blind Dating Sketch: The Last Time a Blind Person Hosted a Blind Party: This video shows a woman named Jennifer being a part of a group blind date.


Blind Dates Are All About the Art of Dating: The Best Tips for Dating a Blind Dates in Video: 10.

Blind Date 101: What Makes an Awesome Party for a Blind Man in 2018:

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