The blind date app Blind Date has been on sale for the last year, and with that comes a new release.

A new beta has been launched, and the app has now launched for Windows, Mac and Android.

You can now get blind dates on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Twitter.

It works best with people who are visually impaired, but you can also use it for anyone who is able to see the picture.

In this article we’ll look at how to get a blind date with a blind person on Facebook.


Sign up for the Blind Date app 1.1 You can sign up for a blind dating app using your Facebook account, and you’ll receive a notification if you meet the person you want to date.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the date.

To get a date on Facebook the app will need to have a blind profile, so you can’t use the profile to send photos and videos.

1:01 The first thing you should do when signing up for blind date is to set up your account.

Go to Facebook and sign in to your Facebook profile.

The page that you’re signed in to has a blind filter, and it will show people who have a visual impairment.

You’ll see a few categories.

The first one is ‘blind date’.

The next two are ‘friends’.

They’ll be the same for everyone, so we’ll just show a few photos.

You will also get a profile name and a date name.

The date you get on Facebook is a date, and is the date that you can post photos, videos and photos to your profile.

So this is what it looks like: 1:04 If you’re signing up with your Facebook password, you can set up a blind link to your blind profile.

You should do this to your main profile, because the date is linked to your secondary profile.

Then you’ll need to set your blind link.

Go into your profile and go to the blind filter.

There you’ll see people who look visually impaired.

If you click on a person and select ‘friends’, you’ll also see your profile name.

Once you click that link you’ll be able to add your date to your friends list.

2:00 You can then get a picture with your date on the blind date page.

You need to wait until the camera zooms in on the person that you want the date with.

This way, the camera will only show a person with an eye colour and not a person without an eye.

To see a picture of the person with the eye colour you’ll just have to go to their profile page.

Now you can get a photo of the date on your profile, and add it to your photo gallery.

Then once you’re ready to go out, you just click on the date and you will see it in the photo gallery and you can share the date via Facebook.

2.2 The next step is to get the photos.

When you’re on the page you’ll find people that are blind and can see colour.

You’re going to need to send a picture to them.

You could use your Facebook friends list, or you can do this on Instagram.

3:00 Once you have the photo, you’ll click on ‘share’.

You can also send a photo from your phone, which will let the person see it on the screen, but this doesn

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