The US has officially officially made its decision to stream ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, with Netflix streaming the film as soon as it hits the streaming service in the country.

The film will be available in the UK and Australia on October 25, 2018, ahead of the US release on October 26.

A spokesperson for Netflix confirmed to Digital Spy that the UK-based streaming service has officially announced the date for its debut, saying it is “very exciting” to bring the film to UK and Australian audiences.

Read more about Netflix, movies, tv, movies:Netflix has previously announced the UK’s date for release for ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ and it will also be available on Netflix in Australia later this year.

Netflix has also confirmed that ‘The Last King of Scotland’, the new Netflix series based on the popular BBC Scotland TV series ‘The War of the Roses’, will also make its UK debut.

Netflix said in February that it will release the show “in full” in 2019, although a release date has not yet been set.

Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ has been delayed in its US release, with the streaming company not revealing an official release date.

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