There are no blind dates in Vegas.

But you can still go out to dinner with a friend and get the benefit of a couple of hours of uninterrupted, unplanned downtime with no regrets.

We spoke to experts to find out how this is a good and bad thing for both parties.

It can be great to get away from the stresses of dating, but there are downsides to having no dates in a place like Vegas, especially if you’re dating someone who doesn’t really want to be with you.

The idea of having no date in Vegas is actually pretty common, said Emily H. Voss, founder of the online dating website

Voss said people often go to places like New York or San Francisco to go out without any date, but they don’t know where to go next and that can be very frustrating for the person you’re going to date.VOSS said the same thing can happen in Vegas with people who aren’t ready to commit.

“There’s just no room for a date in a lot of cities, so there’s no reason for people to go,” she said.

And some of the best parts of Vegas for blind dates, Voss said, are the people who have never met before, so they don.

They know you’re not looking for dates, and they want to meet.

The person you’ve never met might not know the person who will be next to you at a party or maybe they just don’t care.

The downside to no dates is it can be hard to find someone you’re looking for, VOSS said.

If you want to find the right person, you have to go through a bit of a trial period, but she said there’s always a way to find your guy.

“I don’t really see it as a bad thing,” she told NBC News.

“It’s just not what I want to do.

It’s not what we want to happen in our lives.

I’m happy if I’m going to have a couple weeks in a couple cities, but I don’t see that as a problem.”

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