Blind date band The Blind Date is set to play a 3d concert at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, July 31.

The show will feature the Blind Date and Houston Astros first-ever full band lineup for the first time since 2009.

The Blind Dates 3D band lineup includes drummer/vocalist Kyle Easley, guitarist Ryan Lipscomb, bassist Josh Williams and drummer Jordan Easley.

This is the first Blind Date performance in 3D.

Blind Date will be performing the song “Blind Date” from the upcoming film The Blind Side (out July 24) as well as the song by the band “Panther,” featuring rapper Drake.

The Blind Date band is comprised of five members.

Kyle Eameson, Kyle Eason, Ryan Liptons and Jordan Easons will be on the main stage.

Kyle will be joined by his bassist, Jordan Eason.

Ryan will be playing drums.

Jordan Easons new bandmate and longtime Blind Date bassist Tyler O’Donnell will also be on stage.

Ryan Lippons bassist Alex O’Brien will be the vocalist.

The band will also feature a trio of special guests.

First up is Houston Rockets star Yao Ming, who will be featured on stage with the band.

Yao Ming will perform the song, “One Shining Moment.”

He will also perform “Tiger Eyes” from his upcoming film, The Blindside.

Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander will be also on stage for the 3d show.

Leslie Alexander is currently a guest on The Blind Day on YouTube.

The 3d Blind Date concert will be held at Toyota Center, 6100 San Jacinto Blvd., Houston, TX 77005.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday, October 14.

Tickets are priced at $55, $60, $75, $100, $150 and $200.

You can also purchase a limited edition 3d print of the band lineup by clicking here.

The Houston Astros are a Major League Baseball franchise that plays in the American League.

The Astros play at Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center.

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