A friend of mine who is a model, has been on both a blind date and an awkward blind date.

She recently revealed on Facebook that she was dating a man who was so embarrassed he couldn’t even walk in the room with her because of his blind date status.

She went on to say: “He was so excited he was shaking, he was so nervous and I thought, ‘I can’t believe this guy could have been on an awkward date with me’.”

He came in the dressing room and I was like, ‘Are you ok?’, he was like ‘no I’m not ok, I’m so embarrassed.’

“I just said, ‘If you want to walk in with me, you can do it, but don’t touch me’.

She added that he eventually walked in and hugged her, saying he didn’t realise she was on an uncomfortable date.”

I was like that is so funny.

I’ve never been in that situation before, I was just like, this guy is so good to me.

“She continued:”I couldn’t believe I was on a date with this guy, I just kept thinking, ‘What am I doing?’

“I’ve been in this dating game for three years and I have a friend in the industry, and she said, ‘He’s so good he should have a girlfriend.

I just felt like I should just be a normal girl.””

I just didn’t want to get on his bad side, so I just didn�t touch him.

I just felt like I should just be a normal girl.”

She also added that she feels she is a “sexual unicorn”, because she has always been able to find love in the company of others.

“When you’re blind dating, it’s a really strange thing to date, and the best thing about it is that you can date like any other blind date,” she said.

She also said she was able to date someone on the first date who was “kind of shy”.

“It’s kind of like a date, you’re trying to get them to fall in love with you,” she added.

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