This is the first in a series of blind date tips.

Follow along here to see which NFL games have the biggest blind date crowds, and the biggest events in-between.


New England Patriots – The Patriots’ season opener in Denver will be the biggest event of the year, as fans from all over the world will converge on the home field to see the team play in the game.

The game is expected to draw close to 20,000 fans, which would be enough for an event of this magnitude to have a total crowd of more than 20,300.

With the game already scheduled to start at 7 p.m., the Patriots are expecting a huge crowd of at least 50,000.

As the game is in progress, it is possible that a couple hundred people will show up to see Brady and company, as the Patriots were known to take a little extra time to prepare for the game, and to make sure that they could handle the extra noise.

As of now, it appears that there will be no blind date with the Patriots in Denver.


Miami Dolphins – With the Dolphins currently riding a seven-game losing streak and facing an uphill battle to get to the postseason, fans from around the world are planning to make their way to Miami to watch the team, who have been on a six-game winning streak and are currently looking to get back into the playoff hunt.

This is also the second straight season that the Dolphins will host a blind date event with fans from the United Kingdom, where they play the Liverpool Reds.

The Dolphins will play at Wembley Stadium, home of the NFL London team.


Buffalo Bills – Bills fans in Buffalo are expected to make a special trip to Miami on the first Sunday of the month to see their team play at Dolphins Stadium.

Bills fans have made the trek out to Miami in recent years, when they played the Dolphins twice at Sun Life Stadium, and now the Bills will make the trek to the island city to watch their team on Sunday, which is also their home opener.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan will be on hand to talk to fans, while his wife, Bills linebacker Deion Branch, will be in attendance.

Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor will also be in Miami to talk with fans about his new contract, which was announced on Tuesday.


Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks have always been a fan favorite, so fans from other parts of the country are going to be looking to see what happens in Miami, and what they have to say about the Seahawks in general.

On March 4, the Seahawks will host the Panthers, who are also in the NFC West, at CenturyLink Field.

Fans from all 50 states and Puerto Rico will gather at the venue to watch, and some are planning a blind event for Sunday, with more than 200,000 people expected to be there.

This year’s game will be a homecoming for fans who have attended the Seahawks games in Seattle in the past, and will be an opportunity to see them play their first game on the road against the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.


Jacksonville Jaguars – Fans from the Caribbean are going out to see a home opener for the Jaguars, who will be playing the Dolphins at SunLife Stadium.

Fans in the United States are also planning to attend Sunday’s game in Miami.

In order to accommodate this, the Jaguars will have an extra practice field for the Jacksonville Jaguars to practice at on Sunday morning.


Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles fans are expected on Sunday to make the trip out to the NFL-owned stadium to watch an opening night game between the Eagles and Raiders, who were previously scheduled to play at the old Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

The Eagles have a seven game winning streak, and are now looking to take advantage of their position in the AFC West.

Eagles fans will be at their usual practice facility in Peachtree City, where fans will meet at noon, get ready for the kickoff, and then watch the game on their big screen.


Cleveland Browns – Fans are also going to watch Sunday’s first preseason game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh at the new Ford Field, where the Browns have won six straight games and have the best record in the NFL.

Fans will be able to watch as the Browns take on the Steelers, and even get to see players from the Steelers take the field.


Buffalo Sabres – Sabres fans in the Buffalo area are planning on making a special appearance on Sunday in order to see an opening game between Buffalo and the Buffalo Sabres.

The Sabres will be hosting a practice for fans in Rochester, New York, on Sunday afternoon, which will allow fans to meet the players, and get to watch them in person.


Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys will host their second game in two weeks, as they take on their former team, the Washington Redskins.

The Cowboys have won five of their past six games, and have a six game winning stretch in which

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