Chandigara, India – A couple of weeks ago, I went to my local ATM to withdraw cash.

As I was making my withdrawal, the cashier asked me if I was an Indian citizen.

I told her I am and the transaction was done in my name.

I was delighted.

My wife and I had just started a new life together and the only thing she wanted was money to buy her a house.

She even bought a house and put down a deposit of Rs 1 lakh for it.

My initial reaction to this was to say that she should have taken a risk and put more money down.

After all, she was doing it in my own name.

She told me she was not a citizen of India, but I knew that if she did so, the bank would have flagged it as a money laundering transaction and would have refused to deposit my money.

I went on a little tangent, but my wife and her husband were already on their way to India.

We were going to live in a bungalow near Chikkapur.

In the process, I had forgotten to ask her whether she is an Indian.

In fact, she had already told me that she was a citizen and she did not want to pay any fees or taxes in India.

I asked her why she had not told me and she told me it was because she was going to India for her wedding.

My wife and my husband were both planning to marry in India and, like many Indians, had been planning to go for a vacation.

In case I did not ask my wife to prove her citizenship, the money would be taken from our bank account and deposited in a bank account of another person.

It is the way things are done here in India, even if we are not Indian citizens.

As a non-Indian citizen, we have to register with the National Identity Card Authority (NIA), which takes six months.

My husband, who was also an Indian, did not get the NIA card and was sent to a police station to register as a ‘spy’ for his identity.

After that, he had to pay the money back to my bank account as a deposit.

We had to wait another six months before my bank received the money.

After that, I received a message from the NISA saying that the transaction had been completed in my wife’s name and that the NIO (National Identification Number) number was 0-89881-000.

My response was that, after all, my wife was a non citizen.

The NIO number of a person in India is 0-8999-000, and the NIE (National Identity Number) is 8999-0018.

After this, the NIB (National Integrated Payment Card) number is 0 (0) 8999.

But my wife had never paid a single fee or tax in India since she got married, so the NISI number is 9999-00001.

After a couple of days, my bank was contacted and told that they would send the money to me within a couple days.

It took me a couple more days, but after two weeks, the account was cleared.

My bank did not inform me about the status of the transaction until the following week.

I had to go to the bank again the next day, but it was the bank who called me back to confirm the status.

I said that the bank was working on it and that I should not worry about it.

The bank informed me that the account would be cleared by Monday, April 25.

My next question was why the bank had not sent the money by the Tuesday deadline.

The bank said that it had done a back-up and that they could not send the payment by that date.

I was shocked to see that I had to send it by Tuesday.

The next day it was confirmed that I would have to pay Rs 2,000, which would be double what I paid.

The following day, the same bank said it would be refunded the money, but there was no response from me.

I tried to call the bank several times and was finally told by a woman who was at the office that the customer service department had not got back to me.

My next thought was that I am not going to be able to deposit the money until next Tuesday.

I then called the bank and asked the bank’s manager to call me back.

I explained that the money was deposited in my account and that my wife should have asked me to deposit it in her bank account instead.

I also explained that it was her own money and that she did nothing wrong.

After the manager finally agreed to call back, I informed the bank that the person had not given me my bank details or phone number.

The manager said, “There are no details on your bank account or phone numbers.”

I went back to the NRI (National Irregular Payment System)

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