Disney XD is launching a new series called Disney’s Blind Date divas, a series that is designed to highlight the diverse personalities of Disney’s cast of characters.

This new series will feature an assortment of Disney characters who are not necessarily part of the Disney brand.

Here are the first five characters featured in the show: Anna, Jasmine, Elsa, Jasmyn, and Mulan.

Anna and Jasmine are both members of the royal family, but they are not royalty.

Mulan is the princess of a kingdom.

She has a big role to play in the series, as well.

“Anna and Jasmynd is a princess, a princess who is the star of her own show, and a princess of the realm, but she’s also a fan favorite,” Disney’s Executive Vice President of Production Linda Latham said in a press release.

“She’s a strong, beautiful princess, and her friendship with Jasmine and Elsa is one of the highlights of the show.

This will be her first collaboration with Disney, so we couldn’t be more excited to have them both on the show.”

Anna and Elsa will be paired with other Disney princesses to bring the story of this new series to life.

“As Disney fans, we can’t wait to see these Disney princess on the big screen,” Latham added.

The show is scheduled to premiere on July 20, 2018, at 9:00 p.m.

ET/PT on Disney XD.

Disney XD will also launch a series of shows featuring the Disney heroes, including “Disney’s Brave and the Bold,” which airs every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.; “Disney: A Series of Unfortunate Events,” which will air every Thursday at 9 a.k.m., and “Disney Parks America,” which is scheduled for the fall.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Disney and bring these incredible stories to life with Disney’s new series,” said Jaimie King, Vice President, Disney Channel Content, in a statement.

“Disney XD will showcase our talented cast of Disney princess characters and will continue to bring unique content to fans of Disney and Pixar every week.”

Disney XD’s first blind date diva show, “Disney Divas: Blind Dates,” premiered in June 2018 and was named a “Top 5 Series” by the Network Television Critics Association.

“The Blind Dates” feature eight Disney divas in the main cast and seven supporting characters.

The series follows Disney characters as they travel around the globe in search of the perfect date.

The cast of “DisneyDivas: The Blind Dates”: Anna, Elsa and Jasmin, plus a supporting cast of Mummy, Princess Jasmine (Cameron Crowe), Jasmine’s sister and Disney princess of The Seas of Magic (Samantha Bee), and Princess Aurora (Laurie Holden), plus a number of other Disney characters and supporting cast members.

“This is truly an exciting partnership,” Lattanac said in the release.

Disney has been adding new Disney characters to its TV lineup each year for years.

In 2017, the Disney Channel announced a slate of shows called “Disney Princesses” that would be part of Disney XD, which includes a number.

The shows will be based on the Disney Princesses movies, such as “The Jungle Book” and “Frozen,” along with other series such as the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The network has also recently expanded the Disney princess line with a slate called “The Princess Parade,” which includes “Beauty and the Beast,” “Mickey Mouse” and other Disney Princess movies, along with “Cinderella” and more.

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