DALLAS — The #Dallas Breakdown is back in the news.

The state is back on track after a brief lull during the week.

Now, it seems that Texas Republicans will be on the offensive to win the governor’s race again in 2018.

As the Dallas Morning News reports, GOP insiders say that Texas voters should be reminded that it’s not just Democrats who care about the state of Texas.

They want to make it the place that Republicans take pride in, and that’s where the party needs to be right now, they said.

Texas has a history of being a place that Republican politicians can’t win, but it could be time for a reset.

“I think it’s a time for Texans to get used to that,” said state Rep. J.C. Brooks, R-Dallas, a member of the House GOP leadership.

“It’s time to start thinking about the future.”

I’m excited about Texas.

We are one of the most conservative states in the country.

I have no doubt that our Republican Party can do better.

The best place to start is right here in the state capitol.

It’s the most important building in Texas.

It is the most iconic.

It was designed by Robert Moses, and is home to the Texas State Capitol.

You know what else is right in the heart of Texas?

The Capitol itself.

I’m excited to start working to change the statehouse that is here and the state Capitol that’s in Dallas, Brooks said.

It has to be redesigned.

It needs to look more like a convention center, and I’m going to work with my colleagues to try to do that.

It doesn’t matter if we have a Republican or a Democrat in the Texas Legislature.

We should be unified and we should be proud of that.

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