A blind date could be the perfect way to meet someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE has found that people who have been blind or partially sighted can make better dates than people who are fully sighted.

Researchers surveyed more than 1,000 blind and partially sighteds in Montreal and compared their dating preferences with their date preferences of people who were completely sighted or partially blind.

“We found that if you have an interest in blind dates or you are not interested in dating anyone with a disability, you are going to be better off dating someone who is blind,” said lead author Stephanie Ahern, an associate professor at the University of Montreal.

“You are not going to find a better match than someone who can do a blind or partial date.”

Researchers asked participants to rate how attractive they found their dates.

Participants rated their date’s personality, their dating skills, their romantic appeal and their attractiveness as well as their perceived ability to match the potential partner’s interests.

Researchers also looked at the likelihood of the two dating partners meeting and whether they were physically attracted to each other.

The results revealed that people with partial sighted dates were more likely to be attracted to one another, according to the study.

People with sighted dating partners were less likely to have a physical attraction to oneanother, according the study, but were also less likely than those with partially sight or completely sight dates to be romantically attracted to both partners.

Ahern’s team also found that a blind person’s attractiveness to a date can be influenced by their overall level of physical attractiveness.

“I was very surprised by the results,” Ahern said.

“There were some interesting things we found.

People who were partially sight are very attractive, but they are less attractive to the partner who has a partially sight partner.”

People with partial vision were more attractive than blind people to partners with a physical attractiveness rating of 5 or less, which is below the normal 5.5 range, the researchers found.

Blind and partially blind people with similar attractiveness ratings also rated their partners as more physically attractive, the study showed.

The researchers also looked for differences in the way people who had partial sight and partially vision date.

People in the partially sight group were more attracted to women and were more inclined to be interested in casual sex, they found.

A third of the partially blind participants rated their partner’s physical attractiveness as 4.5 or less.

“People with partial or complete sight have a much higher chance of being attracted to a partner with a similar physical attractiveness score,” Ahen said.

People diagnosed with glaucoma and cancer “people who have had their eyes closed for a period of time, people who see things differently, or who have other visual impairments, and those with certain conditions, tend to have poorer relationships than people without these conditions,” Ahan said.

It may be because of their visual impairment, she said, that partially sight and blind people often find it difficult to find compatible partners.

In addition to the lack of physical attraction, the two groups had different dating styles.

“Partially sighted people date more in the casual or social setting and less in the intimate setting,” Ahearn said.

A blind person would prefer to date someone who was physically attracted, she added.

Researchers plan to continue to study people who live with cancer to understand how it affects them and their relationships.

“As we look at different forms of cancer, we will be looking at how people are affected by cancer and what it does to their relationship,” Ahern said.

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