On Tuesday, a special session of the European Parliament was held, and one of the key issues for many was the future of Britain’s EU membership.

The question of whether Britain would stay in the European Union was the focus of debate, and the vote came as no surprise. 

But what’s going on behind the scenes is that a number of EU countries are threatening to vote against Britain if it votes to leave the bloc. 

The issue has divided the EU, and some members are openly saying that they will not accept Britain leaving the bloc, and others are keeping quiet.

According to the BBC, the European Commission has said it will try to push the vote through, but some are worried about the effect this could have on trade with the United Kingdom. 

“The idea of Britain leaving is anathema to all the other countries in the EU,” one member of the commission told the BBC.

“This will affect the flow of goods and services.” 

The BBC reports that Britain has warned that it will retaliate by cutting off access to the single market, which is the EU’s single market. 

In addition, there are concerns about how Britain would deal with its remaining partners.

According to the Guardian, the Brexit secretary, Boris Johnson, has warned: “If we’re not in the single European market then we’re leaving the European market.” 

If Britain does leave the EU in March 2019, it will have to decide whether to keep the current customs union or negotiate a new trade deal with Brussels.

The move would be seen as a major political gamble that would be highly unpopular with many of the countries that currently enjoy the EU customs union. 

If Brexit fails to deliver on its promise to stay in Europe, it would be a major blow to the EU.

The British would have to negotiate their own deal with other countries to keep their access to that single market open.

The Brexit vote has given some hope to some of the EU members who are worried that the United States could retaliate against them if Britain left.

A European Council of Foreign Ministers meeting was held this week, and diplomats agreed to hold a summit in late March.

If Britain decides to leave, the two sides will need to reach a deal before the end of the year to avoid the worst effects of Brexit.

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