SingSingSingSing is a Singaporean singer-songwriter and a fixture on Singapore’s charts.

She has performed in a variety of roles, including as a voiceover artist for Disney Channel’s Frozen, a voice over artist for Nickelodeon’s Powerpuff Girls, and a singer for Nickelo’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In 2002, she won the Songwriter of the Year award from the Singapore Sing Sing Sing Foundation, and in 2007, she was named Singapore SingSing’s first Asian Artist of the year.

SingSing wrote the song “Wah-wah” on the band’s 2003 album Love Me Like You Do and released it in 2005.

SingSing and the SingSing Sing Foundation also donated the song to the National Museum of Singapore in 2003, where it is on display.

Sing’s music has been featured in the films My Little Sister and The World According to Garp, and the movie The Big Sick, among others.

Sing and her husband are parents to a daughter and a son.

In March 2018, SingSing performed at the 2016 Singapore International Film Festival to honor the work of her father.

She sang with the Singapore National Sing Sing Society, Singapore Sing Singapore, and Singapore Sing.

Sing Sing is known for her voice and her unique stage presence.

In 2018, she performed in Singapore at the International Sing Sing Competition and also sang with her husband.

Sing singSing is currently filming the animated comedy series The Last of Us: Episode Five.

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