The best blind date you can have is one where you get to meet someone that you’re into with a date you’re blind and can be yourself.

It’s also the best date that doesn’t require a date, where you have a date that’s blind.

Here’s how you can blind date blind with the blind date guide.1.

The Date1.

Ask a blind date a blind question1.

How did you meet?2.

What was your date like?3.

What’s your favorite color?4.

How would you describe yourself to your date?5.

What is your favorite food?6.

What did you enjoy doing on your date and why?7.

What are some things that you want to do together in the future?8.

What would you say to someone when you first meet them?9.

What kind of date would you like to have with a friend?10.

What do you do in the morning?11.

What should you wear?12.

What type of shoe do you wear to the date?13.

What colors do you like?14.

What makes you feel most comfortable at a party?15.

What made you feel happiest on your first date?16.

What advice would you give to someone who’s blind?17.

What kinds of questions do you ask a blind person on a date?18.

How long have you been dating?19.

How often do you date?20.

Are you dating someone blind?21.

Do you date someone who is blind?22.

What can you tell a blind partner when they meet you?23.

How can you avoid looking creepy?24.

What were the last times you saw someone you didn’t know?25.

What questions do blind people answer on date nights?26.

How do you find someone that matches your vision?27.

What if you want your partner to date you?28.

How are you going to have a blind friend on your next date?29.

Do blind people find men attractive?30.

How easy is it to meet a blind couple?31.

What types of blind dates do you want?32.

What does it mean to date a “blind” person?33.

What tips would you offer a blind dating partner?34.

What to do when you don’t want to date someone blind31 or older?35.

What happens if you are blind and someone wants to date blind?36.

How does dating a blind man affect your partner?37.

What people find most attractive about a blind woman?38.

What blind people like to do on dates31 to 35?39.

What things are you not interested in?40.

What you would like to see happen on a blind night?41.

How much money do blind women have?42.

What has blind dating done for you?43.

What will you tell your date on a Blind Date?44.

How many blind dates have you had?45.

What date do you wish you had before you were blind?46.

How is your date feeling when you see them?47.

How important is it for you to be honest with a blind reader?48.

What about a date where they don’t know each other?49.

What other dates do blind readers find appealing?50.

What changes can a date make to your dating life?51.

What might be a good date for someone who doesn’t have a vision?52.

What age would you consider blind?53.

What information would you want a blind speaker to know about you?54.

What could you tell the blind reader on a dating date?55.

What make-up does your date have?56.

What language do you speak?57.

What music do you listen to?58.

What games do you enjoy?59.

How old is your partner and how old are you?60.

What percentage of people date with a disability?61.

What gender are you and why are you dating a man?62.

What race are you from?63.

What nationality are you (or do you have an ethnicity?) and why do you dating blind?64.

What country are you in?65.

What day do you live in?66.

What time is it on your calendar?67.

What year is it?68.

What food do you prefer on a night date?69.

What color do you eat?70.

What clothing do you usually wear?71.

What movie do you watch?72.

What animal do you know about?73.

What sex do you think you have?74.

What height are you?: 75.

What weight are you on?: 76.

What eye color are you wearing?: 77.

What hair color are your hair colors?: 78.

What tattoo do you use?: 79.

What ear piercing do you typically have?: 80.

What tattoos do you often have?: 81.

What skin color do your hair are?: 82.

What shoe do your feet

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