Bangalore’s blind date disasters are an essential part of life for many Bangaloreans, but not everyone is able to have one.

Bangalore has a population of only 9.1 million, and according to the census, it has the second lowest rate of blindness in India at 4.3% (behind Delhi).

It’s estimated that 70% of blind people in the country live with a disability, with some having a disability as young as 12 years old.

This makes blind dates an important part of a person’s life in Bangalore, and a crucial part of making their date memorable.

Here are the best blind date scams in India.


Blind Date Disaster in India: Blind date scams are rampant in Bangalore.

In 2016, Bangalore had more than 8,000 blind dates reported to the city police, according to data compiled by the Bengaluru Police Department (BPD).

The data also showed that almost a quarter of blind dating scams are being reported to BPD.

Many of these blind dates are being set up in residential areas, which are the most popular for blind people.

The blind people who have been scammed usually say that they want to meet someone with whom they have a mutual friend, a partner, or a spouse.

The person offers to have a blind friend meet them in the event of an accident, or even in case of a health emergency.

They may ask for money or a phone call to set up a date.

A common scam involves a blind person to buy an expensive ring for a blind woman who can’t get one.

The blind woman says she’s in a situation where she needs the ring but the blind man can’t afford it.

So the blind woman asks for his help, saying that she’s having trouble finding a blind man to buy the ring.

She then goes into the apartment, but when she goes out, she finds a man who says he’s not blind.

The blind man tries to help her, but the woman says he can’t help.

The woman decides to call the police.

The police tell the woman that the man is not a blind guy, but she still wants to have the ring and so she calls the police to get help.


Blind Person in India Is Blind: The following video was uploaded to YouTube by a user named M.J. who is also known as M-O.


J says that she is a blind individual who lives in Bangalore and is in need of an affordable blind companion.

When M. J. asked the blind individual about her needs, she said that she wants to buy a ring, but is unable to afford it due to her health condition.

She said she has been having issues with the hospital and her family.

As soon as M. A. got home, she went to the hospital, and the hospital confirmed that she has a severe case of hemiplegia, and that she needed a new prosthetic.


Blind Woman Escapes Blind Date Scam: This video was posted to YouTube on August 15, 2017 by a blind dating scammer named Muthu.

He says that he’s in his 30s and a former sighted man, and has two children with a deaf mother.

His wife, who is blind, told him that the blind person he’s meeting in the next room is not his blind wife, but a blind businessman.

However, Muthus blind date went through with the scam, and then Muthumuthu decided to get away from him.

He was able to get the blind dating scammers off him and to his family.

The scammers are trying to trick Muthi into taking a ride to meet them at a shopping mall.


Blind Dating Scam in India Goes Global: A video posted on August 21, 2017 was uploaded by a person named Jyotr who is from the US.

According to Jyottam, he has been living in Bangalore for a few years and has attended several blind dates.

He told TechCrunch that he was initially skeptical when he went to his first blind date in February 2017.

But, he said, he had to agree to have an audition, because the scammers in the first room said they were looking for a person with disabilities.

The scammers were very friendly and accommodating and even made him a dinner and drinks for free.

Jyottum told Tech Crunch that he got an audition with the scammer and that they invited a couple of blind friends.

They were able to meet the blind friends for an audition.

Then, Jyattam said that the scams started asking for money to hire someone to accompany them on their blind date.

The group was in the car and the scammed person asked Jyettum for his phone number, which he did not provide.

Jyattum then went to meet up with

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