Posted October 06, 2018 09:14:00 Blind dates are coming back.

With the recent release of “The Blind Date” film, the dating season is returning.

But it seems that many of these dates were not so smooth sailing.

Here are the 10 most awkward blind dates of the season.

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Blind Date Places Blind Date Dates with their Dates of Birth and Locations The first date was arranged with the help of a blind date planner.

You can now buy the “The Bachelorette” on Netflix and get blind dates from a blind guy.


Blind Dates with Their Dates of Death and Locations The second date was with a blind girl who went to a hospital, but when the doctor called her a “sugar baby” and told her she was too old to date anymore, she was left with no choice but to go to a funeral home.


Blind Dating Dates with Names “Blind Date” dates can be a little awkward, but they have a happy ending.


Blind-Date Dating on YouTube There are countless blind dating videos.


Blind Dating on YouTube It’s hard to choose between a blind dates and an actual blind date.


Blind Dancing Date Blind Dating is becoming a thing, with some dating sites even having blind dating events.


Blind date on a beach blind date in Italy, where you can go blind blind date with your date. 


Blinddating on Facebook There are countless dating sites where you are forced to go blind, but some are having events that are free of charge.


Blind dating in China There is a new trend in the dating world, where people can go on blind dates with their date blind.


Blind dates in Germany The country of Germany has been known for its dating sites for quite some time.

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