A video posted by MTV News (@mtvnews) on Sep 16, 2017 at 12:38pm PDT Cypriots are excited to see the Asteroid Boy, the first of a new series of episodes that will premiere on MTV News on September 20.

In the series, “Astroboy” is an astronaut who has just landed on Earth.

He and his friends, who are blind and have been brought to the island to live as sighted adults, are excited about his return.

The show follows the adventures of the two young blind men, who get lost in a small island called Liliad, while trying to find a way home to their friends.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to share our story and to learn about other people’s experiences,” said Yannis Tepedas, one of the actors playing “Asteroids.”

“It gives us a chance to be more inclusive, to be in a more accepting community.”

Cypriot school kids are eager to learn more about “Aberius,” as he is known.

He was the youngest member of the crew to ever make the trip to Earth and has lived and trained in Cypriote culture for the past five years.

“The whole island of Liliand is very accepting,” said Tepesas, who now lives in Cyprus and will be in Los Angeles to film his part.

“The island of Toulon is very supportive.

We’re lucky to have this support in our country, in our island.”

It’s the first time the two countries have been on screen together, which has helped the filmmakers connect to the local community.

“I hope that they can understand how much we all have in common and that they’ll look to us,” Tepedsas said.

“And they’ll see the film as an opportunity to make it their own.”

The film, which premieres on MTV’s The View on September 22, was made in collaboration with the Liliads Institute for the Blind.

They are planning to hold the series in schools to show the benefits of blind people having a chance at being in an environment where people can see them and appreciate them.

In addition to sharing their story, “Boys and Girls” will feature performances by Cypriotos singers and dancers, as well as Cyprio-American pop stars like the Weeknd and Rihanna.

“Anderon” is also available to stream online and on MTV.com.

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