‘Astro Boy’ Is A Good Thing: Cypriot School Kids Celebrate The ‘Asteroid Boy’ Story

A video posted by MTV News (@mtvnews) on Sep 16, 2017 at 12:38pm PDT Cypriots are excited to see the Asteroid Boy, the first of a new series of episodes that will premiere on MTV News on September 20.In the series, “Astroboy” is an astronaut who has just landed on Earth.He and his friends, who are blind and have been […]

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Blind Date Blowjob: Are You OK?

Blind Date is the fifth season of MTV’s Teen Mom, which airs on April 21st.In the fifth episode of the season, Sophia (Krystal Titcomb) and Jenelle (Kadeem Abdul-Jabbar) are getting ready to go out to dinner.But Jenelle, who is pregnant, says she wants to take her to a “private spot.”Jenelle wants to do the blind date with her sister, Jenelle […]

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