How to get your first blind date: What you need to know

With her husband and children at home, Rachelle was out for a jog when she felt a cold sensation in her legs.“I was lying on my back and my knees were kind of rubbing up against each other, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, is that me?’I was sweating so much,” she recalls.She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age […]

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Disney’s “Barbie Blind Date” Returns to TV with ‘Barbie” Season 4

Disney’s animated series “Barbies” has returned to television, with season four premiering Friday on Disney XD.The fifth and final season of the Disney Channel hit will air in its entirety, featuring more than 100 episodes, with episodes airing in real time.Season five will begin airing on Disney Channel in late 2018, according to the network.“Barbie is back!She’s a little bit […]

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