How to Date with Blind Dates, Sexually Blind Dates and Sexually Blind Friends

Sexually blind friends are like blind dates: they’re so rare, so out of reach, that many of us have a hard time getting them.That’s why we need to start dating blind.In this special series, Wired contributor Alexia Riggs explores what happens when sexless friends start dating, why it can be difficult for you to find them, and how to find […]

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If you’re the type of person who prefers not to watch TV while you eat, this is the spot for you

A blind date spot has become popular on the internet as a way to meet a new person for the first time.The idea is simple: You ask a blind person to do something for you while you watch TV, and then when the blind person finishes, they show you a picture of you while they wait for you to finish.The […]

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