‘The Best of 2016’ is here! J.Lo and Jay-Z hit the dance floor at Coachella 2017

By now, the dance floors have been lit up with the music of J. Cole, Beyoncé, and J. Lo, and it’s time to hear some of the highlights of 2016.J.Cole’s “Run The World” (featuring J.L.C. and the crew) has been a staple in the EDM community since it dropped in 2015.Jay-Sue’s “Lemonade” was the first track to be officially released […]

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How to get blind date with a blind date quiz

The blind date is a popular dating technique that involves asking a blind person to date a stranger.Here’s how to make your blind date blind and date someone else.1.Do you need to be blind to date?2.Can you date a blind or vision impaired person?3.Is there a rule that you need the blind person’s permission before you date?4.Are there any rules […]

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